Interesting Events

haHA! Look at this! Three days in, and I haven’t quit yet! It’s working, it’s really working!!! Eheehee, only several thousand posts before this is a habit! AND I EVEN GOT MY FIRT SHOUT OUT!!! AND IT WAS BECAUSE SHE ACTUALLY LIKED ME, I THINK, BECAUSE I ONLY WROTE TWO DINKY POSTS BEFORE THIS AND I HAVE NO FOLLOWERS TO SPEAK OF!!! if you didn’t know that before, eggstacee, hope it didn’t scare you off…If you’re reading this and are not eggstacee, go check her out now!! She’s been writing a lot longer than me and knows what she’s doing-She’s smart, funny, and handles the trials of bipolarity with aplomb and bitchin’ hair. She even tweeted me! Eep! Thanks, lovely!

One of the things that I hadn’t anticipated when beginning this thing was that I would have to…..write about things. If you’re a food blogger or a mommy blogger or music or politics or travel or WHATEVER, you write about those topics. I, however, do not have a topic. Since this is mainly a day-to-day life log, I must wait for Life to happen to me.* Anyway, I’ve found in these three days alone that being on the lookout for  >***INTERESTING LIFE EVENTS****< (read that so it echoes in your head, yeah?) has caused me to pay more attention to everyday life events….maybe blogging will do me some good. So stay tuned for upcoming posts that will expound on:

1. Judgement and love at the grocery store!

2. Spike Jones and the wonders of growing up ethnic!**

3. Humiliation by puppy!

4. And much, much more, featuring the ever popular, always turbulent FAMILY VACAY!!!!!!!

Untill then…


*(You’re probably wondering here why I don’t go out and seize the day: Make Life my own, bend the universe to my will, go Carpe Diem-ing, Find Adventure, SCALE  MOUNTAINS!!!!!!!! It’s because a) I have no money, and b) it would require effort on my part. Heaven forbid I ever sully my lilly-white hands with toil. Heheh.)

Damn, it’s easy to get into  a rant when you don’t have to pause for breath.)

** (READ: hairy.)


Second Thoughts

This is hard. Computers are hard. What a brilliant start we are off to. Three years from now, when I will obviously be looking back on my successes, I might be able to figure out how to make a post show up on the main page. Until then I think I’ll just concentrate on finding out what a ‘widget’ means….

What is this crap?!?!

OhmygodohmygodwhatamIDOINGohmygod I’m writing a BLOG?!?!? What the HELLL??? Why did I ever think this was a good idea??????????

Oh my God.

Ok. We’ll see how this goes.